All our holds are made out of a specially developed mixture of polyester resin, colour pigments and fillers. Our polyester resin formula is a highly refined technological concept, providing the best combination of surface texture feel, surface wear resistance and colour resilience. The superior UV stability and heat resistance of polyester makes them ideal for outdoor use. While we overcome the brittleness of the material with superior design and fixture placements, we maintain the unparalleled durability of polyester, making the holds long lasting even after years of use.

All holds are carefully produced in Slovenia.


Our designs enable divergent, imaginative and dynamic routesetting and climbing, limited only by your imagination. Big and small, slopers and jugs, boulders and routes, our creativity runs loose, inspired by nature or some funky idea that seems kind of crazy at first. We think about beginners, pros, slabs, roofs and overhangs. We twist and turn our shape until we feel it’s closest to perfection. We are happiest when a shape tells one story in a vertical wall and becomes a completely different beast in the overhang.


Our holds come in 11 standard and in 4 fluorescent colours. Keep in mind that fluorescent colours are less resistant to UV radiation and are not advised for prolonged outdoors usage. However, standard colors can be freely used outside.

RAL 5015
RAL 3020
RAL 1021
RAL 4008
RAL 6037
RAL 2004
RAL 4010
Dark blue
RAL 5002
RAL 7032
Fluorescent green
Fluorescent pink
Fluorescent yellow
Fluorescent orange


For attaching our holds to climbing surfaces, we recommend using countersunk or socket head cap M10 bolts. For screw-on holds, we recommend 4,5 mm self-tapping flathead wood screw.


We recommend using purpose-made cleaning agents for washing our holds on a regular basic.