Morpho-logy /mɔːˈfɒlədʒi/

  1. The study of the forms of things
  2. A particular form, shape, or structure

Climbing has always been a game of creativity, of playing out ever new possibilities. And this is not only about finding new routes and ever smaller holds. It is also about culture, innovation and engineering. 

Morpho holds grew directly out of our love for climbing. After many years of shaping, moulding, researching, creating and testing, inspired by the values of the climbing community, Jure Bobnar and Rok Brezar founded the Morpho brand in 2014.

We take great pride and satisfaction in our work, our unique shapes and our production technologies. They allow us a great value for price ratio, while still maintaining the quality and durability, evident in our holds being regularly used in World Cups and other prominent competitions as well as in most major climbing gyms throughout the world.

Being one of the leading brands on the market, with quality that stands above competition, hasn’t slowed us. We still continue to dream up new designs, concepts and technological hacks, staying at the forefront of modern holds and volumes production. In the end, the passion with which we designed our first hold, is still the main driving force of Morpho today. 

All holds and volumes are produced in Slovenia, meeting the EN 12572-3 European safety standards. Our work is regularly self-inspected to maintain our famous friction and durability, technological edge and attractive design.